Espresso Martini Recipe

Enjoy an after dinner drink for the coffee lover in you

An Espresso Martini is a popular coffee-based cocktail known for its rich coffee flavor and smooth texture. It is typically made with a combination of vodka, coffee liqueur (such as Kahlúa), freshly brewed espresso coffee, and sometimes a touch of simple syrup to balance the bitterness of the coffee. The cocktail is served in a martini glass and often garnished with coffee beans or cocoa powder.


The key ingredients in an Espresso Martini are:

Vodka: Provides the alcoholic base for the cocktail and adds a clean and neutral flavor that allows the coffee flavors to shine.

Coffee Liqueur: Most commonly, Kahlúa is used, which is a sweet and coffee-flavored liqueur. It enhances the coffee profile of the cocktail and adds a pleasant sweetness.

Espresso Coffee: Freshly brewed and chilled espresso is used to infuse the cocktail with a strong coffee flavor and aroma. It is essential to use good-quality espresso for the best results.

Simple Syrup: Optionally, a small amount of simple syrup can be added to the cocktail to sweeten it slightly and balance the bitterness of the coffee. The sweetness can be adjusted to personal taste.

Let's Start!


Here's a detailed recipe to make a delicious and energizing Espresso Martini:


Recipe Ingredients:

1.5 oz (45 ml) vodka

1 oz (30 ml) coffee liqueur (e.g., Kahlúa)

1 oz (30 ml) freshly brewed and chilled espresso coffee

0.5 oz (15 ml) simple syrup (you can adjust the sweetness to your taste)

Ice cubes

Coffee beans or cocoa powder (for garnish, optional)


Recipe Required Tools:

Cocktail shaker

Jigger or measuring tools

Chilled martini glass


Prep Instructions:

1.Prepare the Ingredients: Make sure you have all the ingredients ready before you begin. Brew the espresso coffee and allow it to cool down completely. You can also refrigerate it to speed up the cooling process. Chill your martini glass in the freezer or fill it with ice and water while you prepare the cocktail.

2.Add Ice to the Shaker: Fill the cocktail shaker with ice cubes. The ice will help chill the cocktail and dilute it slightly for a smoother taste.

3.Measure and Add the Liquor: Using a jigger or measuring tools, pour 1.5 oz (45 ml) of vodka and 1 oz (30 ml) of coffee liqueur (e.g., Kahlúa) into the cocktail shaker.

4.Add the Chilled Espresso: Measure and add 1 oz (30 ml) of freshly brewed and chilled espresso coffee to the shaker.

5.Sweeten the Cocktail: To balance the bitterness of the coffee, add 0.5 oz (15 ml) of simple syrup to the shaker. Adjust the amount of simple syrup according to your preference for sweetness.

6.Shake It Up: Close the cocktail shaker tightly and shake vigorously for about 10-15 seconds. The shaking will blend the ingredients and create a frothy texture.

7.Strain into the Martini Glass: Remove the ice from the chilled martini glass and strain the contents of the shaker into the glass using a cocktail strainer.

8.Garnish: For a classic touch, you can garnish the cocktail with a few coffee beans or a sprinkle of cocoa powder on top of the foam.

9.Serve and Enjoy: Your Espresso Martini is now ready to be served! Sip and enjoy the harmonious marriage of coffee and vodka flavors. Remember to drink responsibly!


Recipe Tips from our Team:

For a creamier version of the Espresso Martini, you can add a splash of cream or half-and-half to the shaker before shaking the cocktail. This variation is often called a "White Russian Espresso Martini."

If you prefer a stronger coffee flavor, you can adjust the ratio of espresso to the other ingredients to your liking.

For a non-alcoholic version, you can omit the vodka and increase the amount of chilled espresso and simple syrup.


Enjoy your beverage! Cheers!

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